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Real Madrid 96/97 • Full Tracksuit • L

Real Madrid 96/97 • Full Tracksuit • L


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Team: Real Madrid

Season: 96/97

Brand: Kelme

Kit: Tracksuit (matching track jacket + trousers)

Size Jacket: L

Size Trouser: M (but a large M, see measurements below)

Jacket Measurements: pit to pit: 66cm, length: 72cm

Trouser Measurements: length: 103cm, waist: 35-37cm (elasticated)

Condition: 9/10 (almost perfect condition)

Players: Raúl, Hierro, Šuker, Seedorf, Roberto Carlos, Redondo, Sanchís, Guti, Panucci

Story of the tracksuit:

Life. It’s full of perennially unanswered questions: is there anything after death? How far does the dark expanse of space stretch? What the hell is a ‘smart-casual’ dress code? One of these endless conundrums has now been solved. So call off that trip to John Lewis: this Real Madrid 96/97 tracksuit – and to be clear it is a suit – is perfect for the smart-casual vibes at Great Uncle Brian’s silver wedding anniversary next weekend. To be fair to Raúl, Suker, Roberto Carlos et al, the 96/97 Madrid side were the definition of smart-casual, nonchalantly knocking the ball around with a whip-smart football intelligence that won them La Liga, all whilst donning this incredible Kelme pre-match tracksuit. Shiny, brilliant and with exotic flashes of purple, if this isn’t good enough for Great Uncle Bri, it’s time to divorce your family.

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Also very half decent, to be fair