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'Drogas No' 97 • **Match Issue** Shirt (Charity Match Against Drugs) • XL • #12

'Drogas No' 97 • **Match Issue** Shirt (Charity Match Against Drugs) • XL • #12


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Team: 'Drogas No' La Liga All Stars

Season: 1997 (charity match)

Brand: Kappa

Size: XL

Kit: **Match Issue** Chairty Match Shirt

Condition: 10/10

Players: Valerón, Zubizaretta, Roger, Fran

Story of the shirt:

We all know that couple. You know, the ones who seem to have it all: the effortlessly gorgeous place, the enviable careers, the cute dog with more followers than you on Instagram. But do you know what they haven’t got, those smarmy fuckers? A pair of matching, player-issue Kappa shirts created for a 90s charity match in Spain that explicitly display their preferences for recreational drug taking. Buy these and you’ll finally have one-up on them at that BBQ ‘Class A’ Clive is hosting next weekend. And if you’re happily single? Tap ‘add to cart’ then ‘delete app’ on Tinder, and you’ve got one less shirt to wash this weekend when you get home in the morning.

In the 90s in Spain, there were a set of annual, charity friendly matches between various different all-star La Liga teams which aimed to raise money and awareness for Asociación Proyecto Hombre and the fight against addiction. It’s believed both of these shirts were match-prepared for the La Liga All-Stars team at the 6th edition of this event on 29th December 1997, in which they played a match against a Madrid All Stars team – Real and Atletí playing on the same team, incredibly. The 90s. Wtf.


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Also very half decent, to be fair