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Referee Shirt • Euro '92 • XL

Referee Shirt • Euro '92 • XL


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Federation: FIFA/UEFA

Season: 92/94

Brand: Adidas

Size: XL

Kit: Referee

Condition: 9/10

Referees: Bruno Galler

Story of the shirt:

You know it. We know it. They definitely know it… but up until now you’ve never quite had that effortless air of authority with your mates that you’ve always wanted. I mean, sometimes they listen, like that time you told them that The 1975 were actually a cool band and they all finally ‘got it’ (one album too late – they’ve gone shit again now – but whatever), but mostly you’re ignored. Until now. Time to get out that tiny notebook you’ve had in the drawer in the dining room all these years and FINALLY earn some fucking respect. The name Bruno Galler won’t mean anything to them yet (late to the party, again), but he refereed the Euro ’92 final between Denmark and Germany and he absolutely bossed it wearing this exact, classic design. And so will you.


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Also very half decent, to be fair