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Barcelona 95/97 • Special Edition • L • Ronaldo #9

Barcelona 95/97 • Special Edition • L • Ronaldo #9


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Team: Barcelona

Season: 96/97

Brand: Kappa

Size: L

Measurements: pit to pit: 59cm, length: 73cm

Kit: Special edition Ronaldo shirt

Condition: 9/10

Players: Ronaldo

Story of the shirt:

Here it is, one of the rarest commercially available Barcelona x Kappa shirts there is – the legendary Ronaldo Special Edition. We all know that the 90s was awash with (often brilliant) unofficial graphic bootleg shirts, complete with badly photoshopped images of players bathed in a beautiful false glow – in fact there's an entire excellent Instagram profile devoted to it – but who knew that Kappa actually made an official 'bootleg'? This sensational work of art, 100% official, was sold in the club shop during the the 96/97 season (R9's only year at the club) alongside the normal home and away shirts. For some reason it appears not too many were sold (can't think why), because it's now fiendishly difficult to find. The shirt is essentially the 96/97 home shirt reworked, with the front panel replaced with an expertly put together collage of the great man, complete with pixelated images drenched in 'outer glow', the Kappa/FCB badges still inctact, PLUS a bonus appearance from Giovanni – all tastefully arranged over a graphic representation of Camp Nou with Ronaldo's name spelled out in the clouds. Plus, on the back it's got the official Ronaldo nameset subliminated, printed directly within the material. To put it simply, this shirt is R9 on Cloud 9.

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Also very half decent, to be fair