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Atlético Madrid 98/99 • Away Shirt • XL

Atlético Madrid 98/99 • Away Shirt • XL


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Team: Atlético de Madrid

Season: 98/99

Brand: Reebok

Size: XL

Measurements: pit to pit: 63cm, length: 77cm

Kit: Away

Condition: 9/10

Players: Juninho, Kiko, Solari, Valerón, Fortune

Story of the shirt:

NEW GARBS BEFORE MARBS: so, it’s the 90s and you’re the Mayor of Marbella. God, it rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Thing is, you’re also the President of La Liga giants Atlético de Madrid, so keeping a low profile is paramount to avoid conflicts of interest. What’s the first thing you do? Use public money without permission to ‘sponsor’ your team’s shirts, of course! And that, friends, is exactly what Atléti President Jesús Gil did for years, until he finally got sent down for a plethora of incredibly corrupt things. To get the full sensational story, watch ’The Pioneer’ on HBO. Meanwhile, just buy the shirt.


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Also very half decent, to be fair